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Certainly the most sought after property landscape enhancement for both residence and business

has become the seasonal outdoor planter and with good reason.

No other outdoor landscape accent provides instant dramatic effect for such little cost.

Indeed, a pair of well placed outdoor planter arrangements can create a WOW factor for the whole season when both container and plant material are well chosen.



Fairlawn Market has been at the forefront of this home design trend since its inception

and we are proud to manage more ongoing residential and business seasonal outdoor planter clients

than any firm in the GTA.

We have achieved this position in the industry by:

Sourcing the finest quality plant material available from local growers.

In fact, most of the material we use is grown specifically for us

and not even  available to our competitors.

Effectively communicating with each client to ensure that there is no misunderstanding when addressing all matters concerning planter size, material suitability for location, colour scheme, cost and time of delivery.

Nothing is left to chance!

You will find the quality of our product to be incomparable. The finest in the industry.

You will find our pricing to be fair

and we hope that, once you give us a try, you will find our service to be exemplary.

We offer a full and unwavering warranty to our clients on each of these points

since they truly are the foundations

upon which this business was built.

Finally, we welcome the opportunity to serve a whole new client group in the Muskoka area.

Some will be familiar with our brand since we began as a garden centre at the corner of

Avenue Road and Fairlawn Avenue in 1959.

Some will not be familiar with our business, but which ever is the case,

we look forward to spreading our roots in this, new for us community, as we continue to nurture and maintain existing relationships with our many wonderful clients in the Toronto area.


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